7 Steps To Health
Big Diabetes Lie

 By  Max Sidorov and  his medical team called The International Council for Truth in Medicine, or ITCM

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    Discover how you can gain more control of your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity by fighting the root cause of your Type 2 diabetes.
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    Discover how most patients can avoid neuropathy pain, blindness, amputations, cancer and other secondary diabetes problems by implementing the correct lifestyle changes.
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    Discover the truth about diabetes by a panel of medical experts, who have been working on the 7 Steps To Health program for over a decade, and who want you to know that all the tools are readily available for you to use to effectively manage the root cause of diabetes, by practicing the specific dietary and lifestyle changes featured in the program. 
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     This 7 Steps To Health is said to have helped thousands of people in over 40 countries to successfully lower their need for drugs and injections.

Here's how to achieve biggest benefit without objections 

Are you ready to finally learn how to get rid of that dangerous diabetes disease?

If you have fallen to any of the so-called wonder diets or drug taking regime - that promises diabetes relief overnight - which simply cannot work and will not work...

Then you need to consider trying the 7 Steps To Health!

The 7 Steps to Health is a very effective diabetes solution that can help to kick start the control of your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity using a 30 day program that is well researched and scientifically backed.

The 30 day program is nothing more than a simple implementation of the specific dietary and lifestyle changes that effectively manage the root cause of diabetes recommended by the program.

Before we look at how the 7 Steps to Health System can help remedy your diabetes and why it is so effective in doing so, you first need to understand what causes your insulin resistance and drugs taking is not the way

By living with diabetes and taking drugs you are under constant threat of succumbing to its devastating side effects

Drugs are usually ineffective at attacking the root cause of diabetes

Drugs artificially adjust blood sugar and manage diabetic symptoms but do not address the root cause of diabetes 

Drugs are made mainly to treat and manage diabetes...

Most doctors talk about diabetes treatment, management and control using drugs and surgery.  Yet there are powerful, quick and easy drug-free methods of treatment that exist!

Drugs side effects can be dangerous

So one lives with the daily threats of heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, limb amputations, dementia, hypertension, coma, depression and blindness which are some of the serious side effects of diabetes and drug treatment. No one wants to continue down this path...

Tried and tested methods have proven to work faster and is cheaper and safer than drugs to attack root cause of diabetes 

Simple foods found in any grocery store that can fight diabetes

Foods found that work 2 times more successfully at reducing the need for medication than the recommended diet by the Diabetes Association. Learn the nutrition tricks used by a Norwegian endocrinologist to help his 18000 patients to come off their medication in the manual.

Foods which when eaten in the right amounts work 2 times better than Metformin

It is proven in a study by George Washington School of Medicine that certain foods when eaten in the right amounts work nearly two times better than Metformin, the leading diabetes drug at normalizing blood sugar. 

Foods that are in some kitchen cabinets that increases glucose metabolism greatly

There is a spice that is found in most kitchen cabinet that increases glucose metabolism tremendously! Thereby lowering blood sugar and help to prevent diabetes.

7 Steps To Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

The 7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie is a 7 easy steps to optimum health.  It is the culmination of all the studies , research, data and many testimonials into an easy, simple and complete manual, a step by step program to kick diabetes butt by yourself. The 7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie was designed by Max Sidorov and the team of doctors called International Council for Truth in Medicine.

With the The 7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie program the root cause of diabetes will be attacked to normalize blood sugar and solve insulin resistance problems in a holistic way. This program has been verified by Natural News.com, the world's number one health website, and featured by CTV, CNN, CBC, USA Today and other news channels.

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With 7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie you can...

  •  learn from this comprehensive program a seven steps approach to overcoming diabetes and optimizing health in a  holistic way.
  • learn the various natural ingredients found in certain foods that can help to fight diabetes and which will gradually reduce the need for numerous drugs to treat the conditions.
  • learn and be encouraged to use best nutritional practices that will strengthen and improve immune system.
  • learn proven ways to trigger your glucose metabolism in a natural way which can be tremendously beneficial to reducing high cholesterol levels as well.
  • have the diabetic diet that has been revealed to be very effective but was kept a secret for various obvious reasons by the diabetic drug business.
  • learn how to improve your mental state and to move away from stressful situations that can help to spike blood sugar levels.
  • be able to lead a normal eating habit without making big changes to your diet due to the uniqueness of the program.
  • learn which foods are bad for your blood sugar levels and will trigger diabetic conditions
  • also learn which exercises are better, the importance of when and the frequency of doing it

7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie is not...

A weird diet that eliminate diabetes overnight

7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie consist of...

  • 7 Steps to Health Program, scientifically proven, doctor verified information. 
  • Bonus of 5 e-books
  • Money back guarantee if methods doesn't work.
  • 24/ Online Support
  • Email consultation

7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie is a revolutionary, scientifically proven and satisfaction guaranteed 7 Steps to Health program to get your health back on track. If the methods don't work you can get your money back and therefore you have nothing to lose.

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